Carpet Cleaning

About Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Here at Carpet Cleaning Gilroy cleaning carpets isn’t the only service we provide, but it is the main service that our customers hire us for because we have a fine reputation for these services and we want to maintain that reputation by providing our customers with the very best carpet cleaning that can be provided by anyone. There are three main reasons why our services are better than most.

Our Cleaning Technicians

Many carpet cleaning companies, will hire a employee, show them how to run the carpet cleaning machinery and then send them out on the job. Here at Carpet Cleaning Gilroy we simply don’t feel that throwing a new carpet cleaning technician in at the deep end is fair to our customers or to our employees, which is why we make sure that each and everyone of our employees are fully trained not just in using the equipment, but in removing stubborn stains and odors as well. We don’t send our technicians out on job alone until we sure, that they can perform the tasks up to your and our high standards.

Our State of the Art Equipment

Of course we know that no matter how well trained our carpet cleaning technicians may be that can’t do a top notch job unless they have top notch equipment to work with. That is why we spend the extra money and make sure that our cleaning equipment is state of the art and well maintained. Our steam cleaning machines are some of the best in business and are capable of getting down deep in those carpet fibers and removing dirt stains and odors so that carpet is cleaned all the way down, not just on the surface.

Our Organic Carpet Cleaners

The third thing that makes our carpet cleaning services better than most other services is that we use only organic carpet cleaners. These cleaners are tough on dirt, stains, and odors, but extremely gentle on your carpet fibers. In addition, these organic cleaning products have proven to be safer for children and pets than those chemical cleaning products and they won’t leave behind any strong chemical smell or powdery chemical residue to dull the color of your carpeting.

We Clean All Carpet Types

We can clean any type of carpeting you may have including:

  • Olefin
  • Berber
  • Shag
  • High or low pile
  • Wool or Wool blends
  • Natural or synthetic

We Make Carpet Cleaning As Convenient As Possible

We make carpet cleaning as convenient as possible for you which is why we keep extended hours from 8 to 8 and offer same day services for those last minute carpet cleaning emergencies.

Residential or Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We not only provide carpet cleaning for your home, we also provide carpet cleaning to any business that has carpeting that needs to be professionally cleaned. Because we know that some commercial cleaning needs are different that residential cleaning needs we will be happy to work with you to clean your carpets at a time that is convenient for business.

If you wish to set up a free carpet cleaning consultation, book and appointment, get a free estimate or simply want to find out more about our services give us a call at 408-275-2010 or talk to our online representative.

We are open 8am-8pm and offer free pickup and delivery of your rug to be cleaned at our facilities.


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