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• Steam cleaning • Shampoo cleaning • Deep cleaning • Microbial cleaning

Our cleaning products are all organic, green, echo-frindly and safe for children, pets and the earth.

Before and After

mold stain treatment

We are able to detect a mold stain with our equipment and treat it with the right treatment. If it's on a carpet, we also do shampoo and dry it. We finish the treatment with disinfecting and sanitizing the area.

ink stain removal

We can tell the difference between black stain and ink stain. When we detect an ink stain we do spot removal and these are the results.

urine and odor treatment

if you have a dog or a cat living in your home we recommend our urine treatment. On top of that we usually do steam cleaning and deodorize the carpet.

coffee stain removal tips

Don't try to clean it yourself - you're going to get the oposite results. Your going to make it worse if using the wrong chemical or clean it without extraction